Kissing beneath the mistletoe – any occasion favorite with a side that is dark

JACKSONVILLE — From evergreens and Poinsettias to holly holiday cacti and, we utilize a number of different flowers to decorate our domiciles and offices through the vacations. One plant this is certainly commonly discussed is mistletoe. Mistletoe has a fascinating past, from an old icon of fertility to someplace to slip a kiss that is quick. It features a darker part.

Mythology and folklore

Druids would climb up a sacred oak tree and eliminate mistletoe with a golden sickle. After getting the mistletoe, they might lose two bulls that are white their gods. They might then make an elixir using the mistletoe and believed it might cure sterility also as an antidote to all or any poisons.

Other countries additionally connected mistletoe with fertility since it bears good fresh fruit into the cold weather. In Austria, mistletoe ended up being put in couple’s beds to encourage conception. ادامه مطلب …