6 Marks of a relationship that is healthy. There is no-one to insult me personally like personal daddy.

Leo Tolstoy opened their famous tale Anna Karenina with the most quoted lines in literary works: Delighted families are alike; every unhappy household is unhappy in its very own way.

Let’s think only a little about this. Can it be real? Are typical pleased families alike?

And then does that mean every healthy relationship of any kind is the same as any other of that same kind if it is true (Tolstoy was, after all, one of the most astute students of human nature who ever lived? Does it mean that a relationship that is healthy any specific dad and son is considerably exactly like some other from a dad and son? Will be the characteristics inherent in a healthier relationship between a wife and husband really add up to exactly the same kind skilled between some other happily hitched few?

Is love truly the exact same, anywhere it exhibits?

I do believe it is. As individual individuals, we could make chaos of y our life and relationships in many ways so unique to us physically that nobody could perhaps imitate or duplicate. I could manipulate my son or daughter, or undermine my wife’s confidence, in method this is certainly inimitable. ادامه مطلب …